Biography Laura Vass

     In the winter of 2005, I received a call from a lady in Vaslui, and has a girl who wants to play. I put her on the phone and shouted to figure out the least bit of vocal timbre and inflection of voice, which I was delighted the moment. I called her to Bucharest, this time working on an album with The Golden Sorin, I was in the studio when he arrived ... I remember perfectly how she got along with her mother, with a thick yellow jacket and a kiss-me-quick on head - shivering with cold and excitement, it was funny. I asked her to sing us something, knew one song ... Samira Said - Yum yum wara, the band accompanied her, and I was glad and Ovidiu (sound engineer) of oriental inflections they run, have small problems with the state on tone.

         The next day I knew it printed song translated in Romanian with Sorin ... so was born the first hit of the series "Golden Duet" - You ... only you. Given up on the idea of ​​him doing his solo album Sorin to create this duet - I felt was more commercial. I signed the contract, I gave him the stage name: Laura Vass (Laura - the real name and Vass it's from Vaslui), I made a change of look, tattoo (to hide appendectomy), photo shoots, interviews, clips (you ... only you, Who's my heart, I do not want your money, etc.) and shows ... just plays the CD - because he could not sing live ... I was afraid; I risked every one put his wedding just to play live with Sorin, and I was enough; I sat stressed to the max, Sorin was her luck, fix everything that was wrong with Laura.

         It was quickly accommodated with life artist: fans, autographs, pictures. Meanwhile was caught by an instrumentalist in the band Golden - Daniel Chinezu (who was married), I knew nothing of this thing for a year until I was involved with the show in Spain. At 6 am I plane and I knew nothing of it, although he knew that was closed after the phones go. I called all her knowledge, I found it eventually but did not want to go to no color, was able to stick his foot in plaster although he had no problem, just do not go to the show. We were put in a very delicate situation, I had promises from people who have hired me if artists and I was going to finish what they promised, my word no longer had any value. I was very angry with her.

         The mind was reluctant until he got his wife arguing with her boyfriend. There were some scandals, Laura was trimmed to zero by the wife of Daniel. Here they were created rumors ... my wife would not cur her hair.

He came back to me crying. What to do to figure out? I've done an album "You and I" - so I rewarded her. Again clips, photo shoots, wigs, interviews, great show "Only 1 and 1" at the Palace Hall, I thought it change what has happened but briefly.

        I received the offer from Media Pro to carry the movie "Story of the neighborhood" with Sorin and Laura. I called her mother immediately to Bucharest to sign the contract for the film, I did not have confidence in it. Lady was utterly happy for her daughter will star in a film. It was unthinkable for her ... movie actress overnight. But I had a feeling of insecurity on her part, I think he realized it was time to choose between love and career. Although no longer interested in the artistic success that period was totally devoted to her love relationship that was living with her boyfriend Daniel. I stepped on heart and I said "Laura, I'm afraid if I confuse you ... again?" I was in doubt if we start filming and Laura (leading role) was nowhere to be found ... 've I told the Media Pro that does not guarantee anything for Laura. I was unsure of her presence at all I asked. Together with them we decided to find someone else that are 100% safe. We had three girls from the production house that could play with Sorin in the film: Margherita in Clejani (but not agreed her father), Ornela (but it was too high near Sorin), and Monica MERISANI - the girl who was perfect Gold and the child found in the role in this film.

        In all the songs in the film Laura Vass voice heard because I have not had time to reprint voice MERISANI Monica. The Media Pro does not give me enough time. I worked with Ovidiu about 6 months to achieve soundtrack depending on the scenario we built tracks, text, time - everything before the film only after the script, without the image - a titanic work. It took half a year editing the film. Everything was perfectly synchronized way the film. As Laura ... remained just voice.

        After finishing the recordings, Laura Vass still have problems and went to her brother in London. I knew nothing of it. He called me from there by another year, said she works in a restaurant and that he fits that provide job at the time, and ... if I can still risk a date with me solemnly promising to that would keep the job. Of course history is repeated. No heart left me after what I did. "Come in the country and talk" - I said. It has all been rumored lately that Laura Vass would be alright, that he died, he would be arrested in London, and many other gossip. We decided to go out on TV to reassure fans invalidate and Laura Vass, showing them that it is safe and sound and able to work.