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I sang as a child but at 16 I entered for the first time in a studio. My parents have wanted to be a lawyer or to head for international relations because they have seen that they can therefore reconciled little harder music but always supported me.

I knew Dan Bursuc because of my childish courage. It happened one evening where I was with several friends at one of their homes and listen to music and I'm still watching a CD with Sorinel child Golden that I got his number Dan and I called at the time without to make sure that the number belongs to them, it was hard to believe that he would publish a personal number. To my right he was! I put the phone to sing then I know called me in Bucharest. I came with my mother in his studio. I remember that my mother managed to make a great impression of Dan, then I left to work in a studio so that I know the potential. In a word miracle occurred. Dan wanted me even though I was still a student who went to high school and had a lot to do in terms of music.

Yes, I was born in Vaslui and come from a large family of merchants. My parents took care to give us a great education to me and my brother...

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